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Private Pond 11 8 2006

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Well with the warm weather today, my patient and I decided to go back to the pond in Wisconsin that I've posted pics from before. We had a good day. It was in the mid 60's and once the sun came out mid-morning, the fish really turned on. I caught over 50 crappie on minnows. Actually, I lost count after 30. There was a period of time where I was catching one a minute.

This one went 3 lbs 14 oz

4 lbs 12 oz

A perch that was almost 14 inches

I caught a lot of these.

Some pictures of our little honey hole.

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All of the crappies were caught on minnows. One bass was caught on a minnow and all the rest of the bass and the perch were caught on plastics. Zoom trick worms, lizards and large grubs with a skirt. The perch took one of the grubs.
nice doc !!!

how were u fishin the lures,was it like a dt hula grub ?
Yes, they were like DT Hula grubs that you told me about. I didn't get a chance to stop at a major store, so I bought what the local tackle store had. They looked like a Yamamoto Fat Ika, but smaller. Sort of like a solid tube bait. All of the plastics were fished on a jig head. I used a 1/8 ounce. Fished very slowly and sometimes letting them sit for a while. Thanks for the tip the grubs! :D
Actually the grubs didn't have the second end like a DT Hula grub.
You guys are changing my mind on not using plastics and just fishing the river lately.

Nice job doc!
Great catches! Where is this mystery pond in wisconsin?
Near Lake Geneva
MrB, why don't you use plastics? I use them a lot.
Nice job Doc. Looks like you had a great time.
Nice job Doc I use a 1/8 Jig and tail almost all year long
toothdoc said:
MrB, why don't you use plastics? I use them a lot.
The bite started slowing down on me at the ponds with plastics, so I started going to cranks and spinnerbaits. Then that started slowing down and went to live bait, which wasnt producing much so I said screw it and started hitting the river.
MrB, you have to do whatever it takes to produce. Change tactics to what the fish want and will respond to.
Great post doc! What a great day of fishin. Jealous!
I just saw this. Nice job again Doc. That is quite the dentist/patient perk you have there :wink:
He's a good buddy of mine.
Man, it looks beautiful up there!
Some nice fish too Doc.
holy Sh^&* what r thay feeding them Bass....Nice Doc :lol:
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