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Private Pond 4/28/2007

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Went to a private pond this morning with by son and brother-in-law. The morning started out real slow and the fish didn't really start hitting until about 10 am. I had four strikes before I got my first fish. The fish were really biting light and you really had to wait to set the hook, which is probably why I had so many misses. Anyway, I caught my biggest bass ever this morning, as did my son. I think that we caught about 25 fish in all today.

My brother-in-law with one of his fish

A very fat male

A nice female

My son with his female

I would say that what we missed in numbers, we definitely made up for in size of fish today.
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Nice bass Doc! :shock: I caught my biggest bass ever today too!
Thanks Sean. It was really exciting. The funny thing was that there were no bass that I could see swimming around. Usually at this pond you can see them swimming, but the weeds were really thick and the fish were down in them. I saw this fish follow a smaller fish in that a friend of mine caught that was with us. Then all of a sudden I saw it there and the minute I brought my plastic past it, he took it. Everything that I learned from sight fishing the WWD finally paid off!
Awesome! Glad to see that all those cold winter days at the WWD paid off. That bass is huge!
Those are some really nice fish. nice pics.
Nice fish doc ,those r some bruisers :shock: everyone seems to be getting the biggest fish of thier life this year,and the year has just begun.
Great job guys !!! :D
no kiddin aris! this weekend has produced some serious trophies!!!! Wow doc, that's an impressive bass!

how big? weight/measurement???
Very nice guys. I love this time of year. Get to see everones HAWGS. Keep'em coming.
I just fixed the original pic in this post. I had changed that pic to an avatar and it was shrunk. Now it shows the full size pic again. I wish that I had held the fish better to show its full glory.
Nice bass doc. You got a nice spot there!
ya know, i've looked at that avatar pic a bunch lately but haven't thought much of it for some reason, until just now when i noticed that that Bass is huge! must have been fun!
I wanna talk my friend into going back there next week. The bass were still not very active when we where there Saturday and now that the warmer weather is holding things should get better for sure. We didn't catch the quantity of bass that we normally do, but the quality was definitely there.
Doc, I would want to fish that place every chance I had. With bass that size, you never know if there is an 8 lber in there :wink:
My thoughts exactly Matt. That one was a male, which leads me to believe that there is an even bigger female in there.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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