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Private pond 8/9/2006

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Yesterday I went to a private pond with a patient and my 14 year old son. We fished for about 3 1/2 hours and caught over 50 bass. The bass were all caught on artificial bait, mostly Zoom Lizards and some Zoom Trick worms. I have been to this place many times before with my patient, but yesterday was an exceptional day. The biggest bass I caught was a little over 4 # and 17.5 inches.

A double

My big bass

A 1# 1oz bluegill my son caught
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nice fish toothdoc!

You're 17.5"er must have been a real fatty, I pulled a real thick 19"er out of Deep a week ago and it only weighed 3 lb 0 oz flat.

nothin' beats those private ponds and lakes.,
nice! Private ponds are sweet. Went to one last summer a couple of times a week for months and had great times. Got tons o Bass and four Musky! Man, I miss that lake :(
The picture of the 4#'er doesn't show the belly very well. It had a very fat belly. I weighed many of the 14 -15 inchers and they were all over 2#'s, so I would say the bass tended to be fatter in general in this pond. They were sure hungry yesterday.
Nice job Doc !

Looks like alot of fun !
Wow! Those are some really nice fish guys. Toothdoc, we gotta get you out for one of our WCF fishing outings.

Also... I need some dental work. Where is your office located?
Yes, I do need to get out on one of the WCF outings. Jason, my office is located in Northbrook.
I love catchin bass with the big belly bulgin' out... I haven't pulled one out all summer... definitely not at The Glen, lol
The Glen LMB are all anorexic.
Looks like tons of fun, toothdoc! :) Have you had any luck with that jitterbug lure during the day time at any other public lakes? I've tossed it a few times here and there, but never had any luck with it.
I haven't had a lot of luck with the Jitterbug elsewhere. I threw it there because the fish would strike pretty much anything. I started out with live bait (small fatheads) and had 5 stikes on the first 5 casts and lost all the minnows to believe it or not, bluegills! I've never seen a bluegill go after a minnow before.

The thing about the pond is that the bottom is covered in weeds, deep weeds. The weeds on the bottom are real thick and several feet deep. Many times when you would bring a fish in it would be tangled in weeks. For many of the pictures I had to clean the weeds off the fish to take the picture. That was one reason why I tried a topwater.
Nice report! The jitterbug is my go to topwater I catch alot fish with it.
Hey Doc those are some nice fish I have a farm pond by me that has some nice fish I love those little secret places not to much fish Pressure
This is a private pond just north of the state line. It is owned by a friend of my patients and my patient has permission to fish it whenever he wants. It was stocked a number of years ago, but nobody fishes it. We try to go up there a couple of times a year. After the good luck that we had the other day, I am going to try to get back up there next weekend.
nothing like unpressured ponds. saaaweeet!
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