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Private Pond 9/6/2006

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I went back to the private pond in southern Wisconsin with my patient again today. Since my son is in school, I brought my brother-in-law along. We didn't catch many fish today (about 30 bass total), but my patient caught two monsters.

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That is one fine day of fishing well done :lol:

Private ponds/lakes really do produce big fish. They have so much less pressure.
Call me spoiled from fishing this pond, but believe it or not, the fishing was a little slow today. We only caught about 30 bass in 4.5 hours. About a month ago we went there and managed over 50 bass in 3 hours. Still that is an awesome day.
50 bass in a private pond just goes to show you what a great chance they have to grown in numbers and size. Sorry you had a slow day.... :wink: :wink:
Nice job Doc,those look like some big baits.
Great job Doc I have a privet pond I fish near my house I love it
i'd cutoff my left nut to own a private pond like that. ok, maybe not. Very nice doc.
I wish I owned that pond myself! The guy that owns it has his own cement business and he has a ton of land. I believe that he started stocking it quite a few years ago and that is why it is so productive now.
Augy said:
i'd cutoff my left nut to own a private pond like that.
I think Cubs catcher Michael Barrett just tried that but I don't think he's too pleased.
private ponds are great. but they do need management too, the private one I fished last year has been suffering from weeds and a diminishing baitfish population, so things are getting dangerously lean there. the heat of last year nearly killed the lake. but having said that, we also caught an average of 30 fish every outing! not to mention the muskies :D
The guy that owns this lake does take care of it. He did something to kill the weeds last week. He also does something to feed the fish too. I don't know specifically what he does, but I can tell you that there are LMB in the pond from 2" all the way up to 20+" there. Whatever he is doing works.
Last year I would sit there and dream of building some cover for the LMB, dredging it with a few 'holes' and more drop offs, all sorts of stuff. It would be nice to have a private pond like that.
When I retire, I want to have a stocked pond like that. I keep telling my wife and kids. They think I'm nuts.
For me its when I win the lottery...retirement too far away. I have ideas on how I would have one built. I would stock it with eyes pike smb and of course lmb among the gamefish. It has been something I have dreamt of for years.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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