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Very tired Saturday, got a late start took out the boat fished from 6-1130. It proved to be beneficial. We ended up with a bunch of decent gills, crappie and LMB. At one point I was catching crappie on every cast, almost too often couldnt even light up a smoke. We both lost 2 nice LMB 16"+, her's was at the boat, while my 6lb test mono crap broke when the fish made another run on my UL. :evil: I think I will have to go to braid on my UL also now.

I also landed a nice an 18" Cat (fuzzy grub teeped w/a meener) and my wife's very first pike! (mini mite teeped w/a meener) It took her half of a season for what took me 20+ yrs of fishing. All fish were caught on crawlers and meeners, I still have yet to catch anything on dingers or other lures at this lake. I will need to do a ton of more exploring. Bite slowed down considerably after 1030am.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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