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R.I.P. Greg Lake

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I'm not sure what forum to put this in. I chose the big Lake Michigan as Greg was personally a very large Lake for the second half of his life.

I started listening (on an 8-track tape) to Emerson Lake & Palmer at the ripe age of six and they were my gateway drug to all kinds of other prog rock including Yes, Kansas, Saga, Rush and Dream Theater.

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I had the pleasure of seeing EL&Powell in 1986 at the Rosemont Horizon. 'Sure glad I was awesome!

Powell's gone too. Driving drunk & without a seat belt on, he took a trip through his windshield and died. :cry: I still have yet to see Palmer, but he is coming to the Arcada in St Charles in 2017 and I might have to attend. Oddly, the way I heard of Greg Lake's passing was from an email from the Arcada's greedy concert promoter, Ron Onesti, who was cashing in on Lake's death within 24 hours, promoting his 2017 Palmer concert. :roll:

The world's greatest rock keyboardist, Keith Emerson, passed earlier this year. Must be strange for Carl Palmer to see 2/3 of his famous band vanish in 2016 and be the only one left standing.
catchafew said:
RonG said:
I had the pleasure of seeing EL&Powell in 1986 at the Rosemont Horizon.
x2.... I'm looking through my old ticket stubs a whopping $15.50 for those tickets.

Very cool! It's neat to run into people decades later that were at the same event. :thumbup: 'Looks like mine was $15.50 also. I've met and made friends in the 90s with a couple of guys who were at my first Kansas show in 1979.

catchafew said:
I can't believe how cheap it was back then: Bruce Springsteen at Soldiers field 1985 was $18.50.
Skifish1 said:
Springsteen Soldier field '85. Boy that was a very fun day.
Somehow I missed that one, but the girl I took to prom and my songwriting partner traveled down together from Marinette for that one. I have vague memories from them telling of a bus? tipping over on a car downtown on a curve and squashing a car next to it and also Bruce sliding across the stage on his knees stopping right next to Clarence C. with Clarence then bending down and planting a big kiss on Bruce's forehead. :lol: Also back in '85 we had 3 Springsteen songs in our band's set, Born to Run, Glory Days and I'm on Fire.
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Skifish1 said:
My first concert was in either 1978 or 1979 REO Speedwagon at the International Amphitheater.
My eldest son's first concert was also REO. He was in my wife's belly and rocking out at the Chicago Theater. :mrgreen: It was so loud, I'm sure he heard all of it. Wintertime, '90/91.

My first concert was Styx in Aug 1978 in Marshfield, WI.
Rambler said:
Saw The Who & Jethro Tull at the original Kenetic Playgroung summer '67 or '68.
:thumbup: :thumbup:
KISS was my first favorite band but that only lasted about 12 months until I saw Styx Live. Styx lasted 11 months until I saw Kansas live. 70 Kansas concerts later, they have not been bumped out from number #1. (although Ozzy Osbourne with his first two albums w/Randy Rhoads came close briefly)

Very cool having KISS at your high school! Way better than when Davy Jones came to the Brady Bunch high school.

I've got you completely beat. The Bellamy Brothers played at my high school. :lol: I still don't know how that thing was every booked in a central WI town with a population of 2750. My best friend's dad was hired as the local electrician and had a beast of a time because my HS gym was just not wired to handle a concert. The band I was in rocked the same HS stage a little harder once for a HS talent contest. We did of Kansas medley of Lightning's Hand/Point of Know Return. 8) And bringing this full circle, we were a 3 piece just like ELP, keyboards, bass and drums.
joetrain said:
I completely hijacked this thread now.
Not at all. It's my thread and I encourage folks to post what they would like. We love the R&R stories.

This afternoon, I saw on Yahoo, Greg Lake still in the #1 spot on "Trending Now"
R.I.P. Alan Thicke

Most know of him as an actor and as the father of Robin Thicke, but he also was a composer who wrote about a zillion TV show and game show theme songs. Same age as Greg Lake.
45s? I used to spin my parents' Beatles 45s on my little kid's turntable, watch them spin and they got me into rock. Lady Madonna and I am the Walrus and stuff like that.

First 45 I bought was either Billy Don't be a Hero
by Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods or Sister Mary Elephant by Cheech and Chong. I brought Sister Mary Elephant, brought it home and wrote my name on the paper sleeve with a big fat magic marker. The marker ink went through the paper and destroyed the grooves of the record. :evil: I remember walking back to the dimestore in the WI cold to purchase another copy.

My first real rock 45 puchased was Stone Blue by Foghat, same dimestore.

First LP? You'll never find out because I don't even know. I had a lot of 8 tracks first because, unlike a record, you could play them at home and take them to your car. When cassettes replaced 8 tracks, I bought most albums on vinyl. Played the vinyl at home and recorded it to cassette for the car.
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Vinyl is making a decent comeback. I have nothing to play it on, but I bought some 180 gram vinyl in September.

The online store screwed up my order. The $60 LP+CD+tshirt+poster package got billed to my card as a $1 charge, shipping included. :shock:
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Rambler said:
Sorry but got you all beat. Saw The Who & Jethro Tull at the original Kenetic Playground summer '67 or '68.
Here's some Ian Anderson and Greg Lake playing together for you.

I had to laugh at the choice of lyrics to sing in a cathedral. :shock:

At the stations -- one by one.
His woman and his best friend --
In bed and having fun.

Catches angels as they fall.
And the all-time winner
Has got him by the balls.

He picks up Gideon's Bible --
Open at page one --
God stole the handle and...

Rambler said:
I almost made the mistake of marrying a really hot, really f'ing crazy chick when I was around 20 or so. Glad I woke up before it happened. I'd probably still be in jail...
I agree. If your choice of a wife included one who had the brains and brawn to bust you out of jail, that's much better than a hot chick that would have left you to rot in the slammer while spending all your cash. 8)
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FishinMatt said:
This photo was on the cover of USA Today. I am the head behind the head. This was from Ringo's 50th birthday party at the Hard Rock Hotel. Ran the security team there for many years before I became a police officer.

Not too shabby! A WCF admin, a Beatle and a Bond girl all in the same shot.
R.I.P. Princess Leia??

I hope she pulls through ok. There are reports that she wasn't breathing for 10 minutes or so. :cry:

Who here knew that Terri Nunn came extremely close to landing the role of the SW Princess?

In addition to Berlin's techno-pop, she can pull off some decent AC/DC too.

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R.I.P. George Michael

R.I.P. Rick Parfitt

Please. 2017 come quickly and stop the bleeding. I don't quite remember a year like 2016. Keith Emerson, Greg Lake, Glen Frey, Prince, David Bowie, George Michael, Rick Parfitt, Merle Haggard, Leon Russell, Maurice White, Paul Kantner. Who am I forgetting? Or more importantly who's even still here?
Rambler said:
Carol King (Ron you can ignore this one), Ginger Baker, Dave Mason...need I go on?
I like all kinds of music (except most country and every ounce of worthless rap). I like Carol King, great song writer. I was watching a documentary last nite about Cream's last concert and was pretty impressed with that wild man Ginger Baker.
R.I.P. John Wetton

Lead singer of the supergroup, Asia died today.

Greg Lake filled in for him off and on through the years on both bass and vocals. There's a pretty decent Asia concert on Youtube with Greg singing. I found it pretty amazing as he reportedly only has a few days to learn all the songs and lyrics and pulled it off perfectly.

Oh yeah, and of course, John Wetton sang for King Crimson who Greg Lake was the original vocalist for, but everyone knows that.
pinecone said:
When I was in college at U of I Chicago (Circus) in 1976, one of our art buildings had an elevator that had the back wall painted with the Twenty-first-century-schizoid-man (King Crimson) album cover....really cool when the doors opened. :)
That would be really cool (and scary too). BTW, that's the face I make every time I lose a big one right at the ice hole.
It's time to add Chris Cornell to the bucket list (kicked the bucket, that is). :? R.I.P. dang, not even that old...

On my trip and back to northern WI a week ago, I heard a ton of Audioslave and Sound Garden on the the radio...quite popular bands in the land of cheese.

Explaining Cornell's popularity, it's incorrectly believed by most up there that the song "Cochise" is actually "Co-Cheese"
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