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R.I.P. Greg Lake

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I'm not sure what forum to put this in. I chose the big Lake Michigan as Greg was personally a very large Lake for the second half of his life.

I started listening (on an 8-track tape) to Emerson Lake & Palmer at the ripe age of six and they were my gateway drug to all kinds of other prog rock including Yes, Kansas, Saga, Rush and Dream Theater.

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Ok I'll chime in. My first was Deep Purple in 72 at the Auditorium. Back then tickets were around $5. I was 16 and never told my parents that I was going. Came home way after I was supposed to and tried to sneak in but no dice. Punishment was for me to wash all the house windows inside and out and clean the gutters.
Styx played at my high school and other local ones as well. I remember seeing them several times before they made it big. Now to get completely off point the band Survivor used to practice at the warehouse that my buddy owned. This was before "eye of the tiger." We would come back to the warehouse after working all day and were able to watch them practice. As a kid I delivered newspapers to Danny Seraphines (drummer for the band Chicago) house and could hear his drum playing from outside.

I completely hijacked this thread now.
"Good golly" Little Richard has left the building.


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The Lindners and Buck Perry revolutionized modern day fishing. I think the Lindners were from Franklin Park.
Not a music guy but I think he deserves to be mentioned. ... ce-beverly

My baby sister had Down's syndrome and let me tell you that in my experience they are very special people.
I first heard ZZ Top on WVVX out of Highland Park sometime in the early 70s.

The legend has passed.

Ron Popeil, infomercial icon, dead at 86 ... -icon-dead

Break out your Pocket Fisherman and fire off a cast in his memory.

I figured he jumped to the other site to try and revive it.
I am probably in the minority but I like the political back and forth. Wish we had a “politics” section.

RIP John Madden

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Here’s one most won’t know.
Dwayne Hickman. He ⭐ in “The many loves of Dobie Gillis” in the early 60s. Gilligan was his costar. I used to watch it with my sister when I was a kid.

Here is a clip of the Ronettes singing one of their hits. Pretty sure its live. Sounds great.
I really miss the 60s.

RIP Bill Jackson. An extremely talented individual.

The blob was hilarious.

I remember him.
You should set the bar a little higher. I’m hoping to check out at 103.
R.I.P Gene Laulunen
Jerry Allison dead: drummer for Buddy Holly was 82

Jerry Allison, drummer for Buddy Holly and the Crickets, dies at 82

(Via Sun-Times)
Welcome back Rambler. Ron has been in serious withdrawal since your departure.

Again welcome back and it’s good to see you post again.

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