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R.I.P. Greg Lake

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I'm not sure what forum to put this in. I chose the big Lake Michigan as Greg was personally a very large Lake for the second half of his life.

I started listening (on an 8-track tape) to Emerson Lake & Palmer at the ripe age of six and they were my gateway drug to all kinds of other prog rock including Yes, Kansas, Saga, Rush and Dream Theater.

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Uncle Ted 1985 Alpine first concert
Rock and roll will be gone in ten years think about it all of them are in their late 60 to early 70 going
To be more sad news soon i fear
Lip_Yanker said:
RIP Joey, Dusty and Mr. Popeil. My cousin had a pocket fisherman... what a piece of crap that thing was.
I had one too when I was a kid for what it was it worked great for fishing ponds
R.I.P. Rickie Lee Reynolds

Rickie Lee Reynolds, Black Oak Arkansas Guitarist, Dies at 72

Covid-19 strikes
I saw them at the blue moon in Elgin back in 8? Something RIP
R.I.P. Ron Bushy

Ron Bushy, the steadfast drummer for hard rock group Iron Butterfly who appeared on the group’s 1968, 17-minute rock opus “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida,” died Sunday at the age of 79. A cause of death was not immediately disclosed.

I haven't heard In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida in awhile. I have and hour or two so I think I'll play it now.

I remember seeing them at a small bar Bitty Mulligans
And the lights went out during the drum solo
He could have perished ☣ and it's a wife or next of kin checking in here and other sites he visited and being totally shocked at the double life he was leading online. :eek: "Mom, I thought dad was a registered Republican?!?"
Worn us first I was Drinking my coffee
I have to agree I will really miss her
103 works for me to as long as my mind and body are working
I remember getting a call from one of my friends. hey whats up nothing wanna go see YES tonight were. Up at the creek sure. Remember back in the day when concerts only cost $13 bux
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I seen Nazareth in Elgin mid 80's
Yup she was vary pretty and seemed to be a good person
Rest in peace
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He was a pedophile what else would you call a man who married his 13 year old cousin.
I remember seeing Nazareth in Elgin at Hammond's Auditorium
In the early '80s
He had a lot of great music Probably partied more than Keith Richards did back in the day Maybe harder I believe he did a lot of heroin If covid got him it was a strong batch
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