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Racine Harbor salmon? how long do we have to wait?

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Who knows when the shore fishin for salmon is expected to heat up in racine? went out friday night (i know it was early but couldnt wait) for a few hours without a bump. I know last year me and friends started catchin fish when we first started fishing in mid september. Can't wait to get back out there when fish are present. Some guys say they even catch em in july randomly. Any one know when to expect some shore casting action?
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Its pretty much hit or miss now with the E winds but in 2-3 weeks it wont matter as there instinct takes over and there main goal is to spawn. We need some W winds for a couple days with some rain and watch them pour in the Harbors especailly in the root river :wink: and yes some kings have been caught off shore in July but you will have to travel further north like Miwaukee or Sheyboygan..
ya thats about what i expected. And by the way nice 17 pounder the other week congrats.
report as of yesterday is that a few kings have been caught by the mouth of the root river on dark spoons early in the morning hours. Maybe this weekend I will be heading up there cause its supposed to rain Thursday up there all day. If that does happen u will see some king salmon on the root river fer suer
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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