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RE: Kenosha Harbor

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Here's my report regarding KH. Well arrived there around 6am and fished till 1pm and landed 9 trouts and lost 2. I set-up two poles using slip bobbers at about 4ft depth and used spawn sacs for bait. At the end of the day i gave away 4 of my fishes to some of the anglers there since the limit was 5 anyways. Here are some pics of the fish i caught and i also took a pic of a what i think was a king salmon in the water just swimmin around but it didnt look too healthy cause it was almost all black with nasty spots. ... g0002.html ... g0003.html ... g0005.html ... g0004.html
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Those are some nice brown trout that you caught there. Maybe I should go fishing there on Saturday instead of the WWD at Busse. :shock:

The last picture definitely looks like a Chinook(King) salmon. The 4 year old ones are really dark this late in the year if they haven't already died.

Thanks for the report! :D
Nice fish, dude!
Nice fish !
Nice Fish Man! and thanks for the report.
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