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rebel pop-r

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how should i be fishing the rebel pop-r. Should i do it with a slow steady retrieve or should i do a few twitches then pause and so on.
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You shouldn't just reel them with a slow steady retrieve, I donm't think that that would be too effective.
The most popular way that the Pop-R or any topwater plug is fished is poppin' it a few times, then letting it pause (and you just repeat this). Sometimes yeou can pop it a bunch of times to mimick a fleeing baitfish, then let it pause. I usually get strikes after I let it pause (I wait till all the ripples/commotion from the pop settles around the bait) I read somewhere that when the bait pauses, it all of a sudden looks like an "easy target" to the fish so taht's why they slam em on the pause. If you're fishin a spook or spit n' image or somethin you might do the walk-the-dog retrieve but even then you can still pause but that typa retrieve is more steady.

Hope this helped.
Rebel Pop-R's are great baits. Like Tim says, you can fish them a few different ways. But the most common way is to cast, let it sit for several seconds, then give it small "pops" so it spits up some water and bubbles. Remember, you are making it look like an injured "creature" on the surface, be it a bait fish or frog, the bass love it!
Tim and Jason have given you some great advise. Topwaters are great lures to fish because the stikes can be quite explosive. I just started fishing them more this season.
i can't believe aris, mr. pop'r himself hasn't chimed in on this. definatley pause as much as you can and the key is to get the "boing" sound. :wink:
Right... the sound Augy hears when he watches Brad Pitt movies alone.
JasonN said:
Right... the sound Augy hears when he watches Brad Pitt movies alone.
Holy Crap! I almost spit my pop out on the monitor!
I guess I'll chime in on this 1 lol
since I`m sitting here at 1;45am waiting to get to deep lake lol

I worked out a pattern for the pop r that works for me ,after I cast it out I let it sit then pop,pause,twitch,twitch,pause,pop,pop,pause,twitch then recast. Most of my hits come on the first pause.
I like to use a short 5 1/2 to 6 foot pistol grip or short handled rod with a medium to light action as opposed to a 6'6'' medium to heavy action rod.
I can get alot more action on a smaller,lighter rod and much more accuracy around complex targets.
Always use monofilament line.Braids & florocarbons are great for alot of different things but not for topwater,the bouyancy of mono is hard to beat.
Always use a loop knot, it will improve the pop r 50% right out of the box.
Change those shitty trebles too,they bend after just a few fish !
Hope this helps. Sorry bout the long post,but I get excited bout the pop r lol.
U happy now Augy ! haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
I also am a top water user It's one of my favorite Lure's. To be honest Culprit turned me on to it at Beck. I got my largest LM Bass out of Beck on a top water. But my Lure of choice is a Holla Pop-R It's a older bait and has a different sound. I use the same twiching action as Culprit and usally get hit's on the stop I work mine as it was a wounded fish seem's to always work for me.
My favorite topwater is the storm chug bug. Very similar to rebel's Pop-r but I like the flash on the tail. Like has been mentioned by many the pause is the most important part of a topwater retrieve. Second favorite is JDC skip-n-pop, (batavia bait has some too I think) is a soft plastic topwater that I use if the fish aren't connecting on other baits. It's made of soft plastic when they grab it it feels real so they actually try and inhale the whole thing versus spitting it as you try and set the hook. They don't stay together as long as the hard baits but are more of a sure thing in my experience. I actually wrote a product demo on another site last year for these baits, I'll try and get that posted here as well.
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