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Recent outings (walleyes & other fish) - photos

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Here's some of the latest fish I've caught since I last reported on July 14th.

I've been out trying for the much-harder to catch and rare Walleyes but when fishing for them, it's either a hit or a miss. I have about three real spots (5 total) where I have a shot at catching them at any given time. If one spot isn't producing for about an hour and doesn't give up at least one, I move to the next.

I've been matching the hatch on these latest fish. Throwing shad imitators, and anything that resembles a minnow. Swimbaits, Rapalas, larger sized jig & grub combos, etc.

I haven't really fished much during the daytime, so it's been all evenings for me so far. Find the deeper pools with hard bottom and with some current, and you're in luck.


Lately I've been having some good fishing here, though not the best. I've been mostly catching Walleyes, Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass, and some pretty good Crappies.

The fish activity has been inconsistent, but good enough for the usual 2-3hr outings I do each day.

The creek (backyard river) is flooded right now, so my next few days will be probably coming from the ponds... Boring! :)
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Nice fish Andrew! Are you wading in the river at night or fishing from shore?
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