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Was able to spare about 2 hours and hit up 2 lakes in within a few miles from my house. First hit up one lake unded up catching 2 dink bass. 1 on a 6" Helgramite and 1 on a 5 inch Yami Eeka. Only fished there for about 45 minutes...

Then stopped at my Pond down the street from me and ended up catching 2 Bass, 1 decent one on a Senko and 1 Dink on a Senko. Only fished about 30 minutes. I had a neighbor walking by with there dog snap 1 of the pics for me. I am going to give it a shot before I go to a wedding Tomorrow Night. This was the pond by me that had a bunch of 18-21 inch bass dead after a fish kill in the winter.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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