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Report 10/25

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There were a lot of grim faces coming back from Belleau. I managed to catch a nice sized carp on a wax worm, but no dice on the trout. I was on the SE end and didn't see any surface or anything. Eventually those trout gotta get hungry!!! :roll:
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RobBull said:
Eventually those trout gotta get hungry!!! :roll:
I'm thinking the same thing! I know that they are there. Did you happen to get any pics of the carp? I didn't even know they were in there.
No pics today because I went straight from work. The carp was pretty decent sized but nowhere near the biggest I've seen caught there. I'm lucky I didn't get the hit on my UL or I might have been screwed. This little Polish lady that fishes there all the time caught one a while back that must have been pushing 25 pounds! It took her a good 15-20 minutes to pull that sucker in. She's up there with Perch Guy as far carp fishing proficiency goes. Far north or south ends seem to be the best for carp, especially the south end.
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