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today was one of my most productive days ever
though there was nothing to giant size i did manage
numbers. I managed 10 bass over at the pond
this morning 9 coming in the first 2 hours of being there.
Handful of 12" bass, couple dinks, and a couple decent ones.
All of the bass were caught on the same lure except the last
one and thats because I lost the lure. :cry: I just have to
go get a couple more that the wife doesn't know about :wink:
I'll post the pics later.. :D

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that just goes to show that having the right lure/color/presentation can make the biggest difference. good job tony! i told you we should of fished the pond instead of deep! :lol:

and yes Al, you have to make a few donations to the fishing gods once in awhile. when you catch that 20" 5lb bass you'll be glad you did! :mrgreen:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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