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Report 5/21/2006

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Fished the northeast end of the lake this afternoon where I usually do pretty well. Only managed to get 3 crappies all on Rapala X-raps. Saw lots of bass but they wouldn't take anything I threw at them. My guess is that they were sitting on beds even though I couldn't see the actual beds. Sometimes the bass would attack the lure to chase it away if you put it in front of their face but that was it.
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How were the water conditions? Is it still "cloudy" water? Last year, I found this to be challenging, yet, the fish were there.
The water is still very cloudy. I think that it always will be. My feeling is that it gets a lot of run off from all of the surrounding park area, similar to a golf course pond. Also the bottom of the lake appears to be very muddy. The bass that I saw were in only about 2 feet of water or less and you could really only see them with polarized glasses. Anyway, I fish Lake Glenview a lot as it is only 5 minutes from my house.
I have been getting a few Largemouths out of Lake Glenview on jointed Rapalas. Caught 4 this morning and 1 cappie. Caught 4 last night along with a bluegil. All were caught on Jointed Floating Rapalas or Jointed Shad Raps. All of the bass have been between 12 and 16 inches. Saw a guy land two nice cats this morning. I don't know what he was using for bait.
i got out to lake glenview last sunday. I managed one 15 inch bass with a 3 inch silver floating rapala. I saw some huge carp come up also. Some guys that i talked to had caught 12 largemouth with nightcrawlers. They said that there biggest one was 4 lbs.
There are definitely some big bass in there. I saw one swimming yesterday that was atleast 18 inches. Last year I caught one that was close to 5#'s. I gave up on night crawlers because I mostly caught bluegills with them. I almost exclusively fish artificials such as crankbaits, stickbaits and plastics. I fish that lake several times a week during the summer months.
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