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report 5/26

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well got to opeka at 4 and fished till around 530 with very little action. only one small bass around 10 inches. one gill. no action for creighton (fishkid) today either. just one bass around 8 inches and lost a 12 incher at shore. way to many bucketheads out there keeping everything and including a kid who was using corn and got a bass around 11 inches. :evil: \
Also we saw this dead chiclid that someone obviously threw in there. it looks like a firemouth.

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That does look like some kind of Cichlid. A Firemouth is probably a good bet. The guy that put it in there obviously does not know that water temperatures in the 60's will not support Cichlids. It's also unfortunate that he did not try to donate it to any of the area pet shops. It reminds me of the Snakeheads that were caught in area waters some years back. However, in that case, the Snakeheads survived and could have proved detrimental to the other species in the lake.
well I work at a pet shop so I know for a fact it is
Not disputing you knowing what the fish was..I have had many cichlid aquariums over the years and it looked like a firemouth. i have to admit, however, firemouths are a boring fish!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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