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report 6.9.06

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Fished between the piers and the second bridge from 7-9am. Landed 7 largies between 14"-16". Lost 3. Every landed bass had "Glen-idis", a lake glenview bass disease that affects the mouth area. Pretty disgusting looking. Good outing however. Overcast, occasional drizzle, a bit on the chilly side and breezy. 10-15mph winds from the north/northeast.

Bait: 4" Yum Dinger, black/white with silver flakes. Bass are hanging out on the outside edge of the weeds about 10-15ft from shore. Carp are everywhere along the weedy shallows. And I mean everywhere. Saw at least 50 of them.

I'm loving my new Daiwa baitcaster and rod. I can really work them plastics and it seems to be producing the fish for me.

Sorry, no is still at the repair shop.
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Sounds like a very productive outing :) What do the mouths of bass with "Glen-idis" look like, Augy? Whatever it is, I hope it they get over it soon.
bleeding sores all around the mouth. it's pretty sad to see. i see this sometimes at busse discharge with some of the bass but at lake glenview, majority of the bass have glen-idis.
Augy, are you sure it is not just from them being hooked before? I caught one several weeks ago at Lake Glenview that had the mouth pretty ripped up from someone not taking the time to take the hook out properly. It was very red though, like it had just happened.
Jason heard from a local there that the bass in Glenview have this disease. "Glen-idis" is a term Jason came up with a week ago and was a little inside joke. All the bass that I caught today had different sores around the mouth and few of the ones from a week ago had them too. Some worse than others. I have no idea what it is. Perhaps the old navy base has something to do with it. Maybe a call to DNR is in order.
I hope that it is not a fatal disease. That lake continues to get better every year. I would hate to see the bass take such a hit. :(
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