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Result's from the past week.

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Only been doing the big fish dance lately with declining water temps. By that I mean that big baits catch big fish. I was gonna wait to make this post until I could accompany it with photographs of my adventures but that may be a week or so off. Anywho, been a 50/50 proposition as of late. One day I kill em the next day the fish make me work for meager results. All that "work" aside I've been rewarded with one 18.5 inch and one 20.25 inch smallie in the past week of fishing. Using flash jigs and medium roaches the vast majority of the fish caught have come from a hard current seam or the washout area resulting from one. Outside bends have been the other area that has produced. Should be at least another few weeks of similar action before the water temp get below 55. Good luck all!
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