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Ringnecks 12/3

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Here is a late report !!
Got out to Kanakee State park last Friday and did the stand -by thing,, it worked out, not many people there. We picked area 8 to start with.
The weather was cold but the sun was up and wind was down so it made for a beeautiful day. There also was a light covering of snow.
I along with 2 other friends took to field for my first time out, on my own, with my new German Shorthair pointer "RADAR" !!! Radar is the brother of Chris Bates dog Simba.
Radar worked out great.He followed my commands and hunted like the champ he is.
Radar had some classic points and put birds in the air for us , but something must of been wrong with our guns because we called it a day with 4 birds between 3 of us !!!

Another thing I noticed is that I think the state has the pheasant on some kind of diet !!! them birds were skinny !!!
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