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ROCK RIVER in OREGON, IL. Who knows it?

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Who knows anything about the Rock River? Particularly by Oregon, Il.
My brother lives there in oregon next to the river. I never fished it, but it looks beautiful. Im going there for the weekend for a pig roast at the end of the month. And Id like to hear some advice. Im taking my boat with a buddy. I hear its got good catfish, some decent walleye n smallmouth, and i know there was like a 46 in pike caught this spring. If any one knows some good tactics for late september Ill be happy to try em. Preferable for walleye n smallies. Or catfish if ya know anyhting. anything about lures, tactics, and locations would be cool. from othr reports on lake link and other websites it seems like a pretty cool and adverse body of water with alot of fishing options.
All advice is welcome
:) thanks.
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Contact Jan at TJ's Bait & Tackle 305 S. 1st Street, Oregon, IL


O.K at Rock River Outfitters 114 N. River Road, Oregon, IL

Both are excellent sources of info and supplies right at the dam there. :wink:
rock river sux. so if anyone else wanted to know if it's good or not like i did, ill let you know first hand it sucks.
I take it you had a bad time? I've had those days out there too, but can you really judge it by one outing?

There are some great fish in there, and it is a very diverse fishery.

Lots of eye's, SMB, LMB, large flats and loads of channels- also some nice pike, white bass and the ever present suckers too.

Oh i believe ya. but majority of the river is only 4 or 5 feet deep, often even less. Im sure theres good fish to be caught, we fished for two days, only caught two channel cats, and a lil SM bass. the first day i was out without my depth finder, i discovered the next day that most of the areas we were fishing were only 4 feet deep. I found some deep holes but id prefer a river that runs a deeper average depth. it was a pretty river though. i saw a post with a 46 inch northern outta there this spring.
Erik, I wish I can join ya guys, but my Best Friend is getting married, but I will probably be smashed from the wedding if you guys even left Saturday Morning, Anyways, I will be chasing some Bucks Sunday Morning next week. Good Luck and tell Rob to not make you eat any worms when you are smashed outta your mind for 10 bucks again, this time charge him 20. LOL, You gotta send me that video so I can put it on my YouTube acount. LOL That was gross bro. Wisconsin F8cks with ya in many ways when your drunk! Take Care and Have a Safe and Drunkn Trip! :p


PS: You better catch more than a Buzz! "Fish I mean"
wrong forum dave we finished our rock river trip in september. we r going to the wolf river next week.
thats bad to hear you were havin a bad time because rock river has the largest pike population in illinois according to IDNR
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