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Rolling Meadows - Barker Lake - 4-20-08

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Had a chance to get out to one of my favorite little ponds in Rolling Meadows yesterday afternoon. Saw lots of largemouth bass swimming around in the shallows, but they were tough to catch. Only managed one smaller bass, on a 4" watermelon tube. Nice day to get out...

- Jon
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Nice bass!
Thanks for the report Fishguy!

I love that little pond...I did not know there were crappies in there...all I have ever caught are largemouths mostly of the size of the one you caught...but it is a fun pond...I always do well in that same corner of the pond....there a little drainage pipe that the bass stay close to all season long!!

I read your blog...and I agree about that sports authroity...they even have a so called outdoors which all they sell is backpacks and like one tent...
They should change the name to a big store of clothes to run in! Haha

Just my 2 cents.

Nice bass, thanks for the Barker report.

Jaypee the hhf
That's a pretty fish. Nice colors. Good job out there. :D

You'd be surprised the species of fish in that pond. I just noticed they've added two aerator/filtering fountains in the middle of the lake. That will probably help out with the dense weeds in the summertime, and might make the water a bit better for fishing. At least I would think so...

But yeah, back to the fish, there's crappie, bluegill, decent 2-3lb largemouth, bullhead catfish, carp, and I even saw a guy post a report on catching a nice looking northern from there. I've had the most success with largemouth on plastic worms and crappie on mini-mites/curly tails, all caught and released.

Good luck out there!

- Jon
i wen fishing der oder day and i got snail :mrgreen:
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