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Root River Report 12/28/07

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Got to the Root at about 8am. It started snowing arounf 8:30am Got are lines in the water above the weir just past the bridge. Worked are way up to the 2nd bridge on the golf course. Then went over to quarry park. Fished the nice stretch straight down from quarry park. My buddy landed 1 fair hooked brown. He caught it on a Wooly bugger, Then he lost another on a wooly bugger, we think it might have been foul hooked but it was too hard to tell when the steelie took off down river. I hooked into a nice big female steelie on an egg-sucking-leech pattern, He did an arial flip and took off into the brutal current down river and snapped me off. That was it for the day of 9 hours in the brutal blizzard. Fishing was tough and the river was flowing good. I will be back on Sunday! Good Luck and Great Fishing!


PS: Its no fun trying to tie up when chunks of slush and snow are falling from the trees and hitting you on the hands while your tieing. But it was a great day to be out, It's such a beautiful river with the snow on the ground.

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Truly the definition of intestinal fortitude.

Nice report and an incredible effort.
:shock: nice fish!!! thanks for the report. props to you getting out.
Good job out there in the terrible weather. :D
Nice fish :D
horn13 said:
Nice report and an incredible effort.
Great job on that terrible weather. :D :? As always, beautiful fish. :D :D
Sweet fish for sure. You've got to love that winter fishing.
Thanks guys, It was alotta fun!
BURRRR!!! way to brave the elements and get that hawg!!
Bringing back the blast from the past!

Beautiful report and Nice Fish!

Will you be hitting them this spring Also dave? when do you usually start once ice starts to melt off.
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