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I know exactly wich pond your talking about. It got ruined as when Hookers bait and tackle was around, This kid that I will keep my mouth shut about his name actually told a whole bunch of people about it. I caught a 44" ski outta there. Released him back, He was caught in the fall on an orange and brown Mepps Muskie Killer. This was about 5-6 years ago. I haven't been back since I always got chased outta there as someone hooked a swan supposebly at the time. That's a shame it went down hill. There was like 12 Ski's in there supposebly. I had many follow ups there years ago, just could never figure 8 by the shore to hit em. But I knew it was not going to last long as muskie are territorial and need 1 acre a ski. This pond is smal and deep as I can remember. It is a healthy little pond. But I remember catching bass outta there with bite marks across their whole body in a U shape of their Jaw. I think the goldfish were released by a employe of Hookers bait and tackle as he was always trying to feed the skis' and telling everyone about it. The funny thing is. When I was 16 my buddy worked at hookers bait and tackle and got a free guide map of the fox river with everything marked on it! :lol: He made me and my buddies all copies and put it back behind the counter. LOL That bait store was a joke!

Sorry to hear about the pond, it has been ruined years ago. I wouldn't be suprised if there was 1 or 2 ski's left in there though...
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