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I decided to begin my quest for a decent south-west-side bassin hole Saturday morning. Sag Quarry would be the first place to test.

I got to Sag Quarry at 5:45, and it was roped off, so I headed over to Joe's Pond, about 5 minutes away. Fished there about 15 minutes with no action. It was too wide open, and the wind was kickin my butt. I drove back to Sag, it was open. The west side was totally exposed to the wind and cold and I was under-dressed, so I went to the east side as it was more shielded.

I fished from about 6:15 to about 9am.

The tally: 4 bass caught, 1 hooked and lost, 3 missed strikes.

Sizes: 1 dink, about 8", 1 around 10 or 11, and 2 good ones, in the 15/16 inch rage.

Used: 3 inch senko texas-rigged dead sticking (the dink), and 5 inch senkos, wacky rigged (all others)

Temp: 41 - 43

Sky: gloomy/cloudy right up until I had to leave, when the sun started to poke through

Winds: brutal, blowing northwest to southeast

Sag Quarry is an interesting place. It was my first time there. There weren't too many fisherman this particular day, but I have to assume that's due to the crappy weather. It seems like there just isn't that much accessible shoreline on that east side, which would make it a frustrating place on a day when lots of folks were there. There's so much timber in the water, it looks like bass heaven. Its a real shame canoes aren't allowed. I'd love to work some of those way-back areas.

I was under-dressed, so I had the shivers the remainder of the day, but it was nice to get out, and at least get into a handful o' bass.

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