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George, I remember reading in one of your posts that you had caught salmon before in the river. Is that something that happens often, like during the fall king run, or where you just in the right spot at the right time?

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I've seen salmon "zooming" around several spots including Howard and Foster. It's a real trip to see. What's even more cool is when they try to jump UP the waterfall at Foster!

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Yea, There are Salmon in The Chicago River System. I've Caught Coho And a Few Kings as Well as My Buddies. But As much Time as We put in the River i'd Say Right spot right time if you plan on hitting some salmon take the rest of the way to the lake :D

This Coho I caught Last June Fishing At Foster for panfish

all the others I caught in the fall....

all at Foster so far

But I do my Salmon Fsihing Exclusivly at Lake Michigan.

I give my Salmon away.... So If I see ya around :wink:

Just a Regular Fisherman

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