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Schiller Pond

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I went out to Schiller Pond with my brother and cousin after sunset. I got skunked, but between the other two guys, they caught 4 small cats, 1 decent sized cat and a bluegill (a bluegill on chicken liver!!!!!). We worked the northwest corner of the pond by the bench out there and used chicken livers (still less disgusting than most stinkbait).
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at least someone got something
Do you know if there are ne game fish in that pond?
The only fish I've ever caught at Schiller were bluegill and cats. On the forest preserve website, it says there are largemouth, carp, bluegill, channel cats, bullheads, sunfish and crappie. I park accross the street on Cumberland and walk accross because it is a forest preserve and it closes at sunset. I usually work the northwest area of the pond and use chicken livers on a treble hook and egg weight right after sunset. I've noticed the cats in the pond usually bite real good for an hour or so around sunset and then it becomes real spotty. I haven't really had that much luck with store bought stink bait, but the chicken livers work like magic and only cost a buck. I would stay away from any type of woms if you are looking for catfish because the bluegills usually get to it first. I've even had bluegills nibble on the livers if I use a normal hook.
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