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senko help

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I still haven't caught a bass on a senko and was wondering what I was doing wrong. Here what I'm using...

These are 5 inch watermelon colored yamasenkos.

I also bought these, but wasn't sure how they would work...anyone ever tried them?

This is the hook kit I bought at Dick's.

Here's a closeup of the hook and weight sizes. Which would be the best plastic/hook/weight combo for regular bass fishing? Also, what is the best way to fish these plastics? Thanks for the help.

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Phil, looks like you have all of the right stuff to catch bass with right there.

How about adding a pic of how you rig it?

One quick suggestion I would have is take the bullet sinkers out of the rig and try casting it weightless. You shouldn't need them unless it's really windy and blowing in your face.
Yep, no weight, texas-rigged. Cast it and let it drop for at least 10 seconds. The drop depends to the depth. Let it sit on bottom for 10+ seconds, the twitch the pole up and reel in a little, then wait again. Cast around weed beds, drop offs, docks, shoreline, anything that would hold bass. The senko works itself for the most part. If they aren't hitting it when worked very very slow, they won't hit it. I'm noticing that during the hotter summer months the senko isn't hit as much or as hard as during postspawn, so it is aa little more difficult to get a fish on a senko right now IMHO
the real magic happens during the fall. only other suggestion would be to switch up to premium hooks like Gamakatsu. it can make a world of difference!
The Senko is best fished weightless. Yum Dingers are similar to the Senko and work about the same, but are much less expensive. I think that the color Senko that you have there should work fine. Most often fish will hit them on the fall or after you twitch them. The most common mistake that I see people making with them is that they fish them too fast. You want to just cast out and just wait. Then if nothing hits, lift up your rod tip and let it fall again while you reel in the slack. Then if you want to retrieve it do so very slowly.
Like Augy says, try a Gamakatsu hook, prefferable a 4/0 offset hook. Don't use a weight. Cast and let it sit for a few seconds. Then begin the retreive slow with a few twitches of the rod. The real idea is to make it an injured bait fish.
Which one of my hooks looks closest to the 4/0 offset?
Phil, the larger one on the left does.
Thanks. I'm going to Ed Shirley's today to stock up on Gamagatsu treble hooks for kings. So, I'll make sure to buy the 4/0 offset hooks. Anyone going to the Glen today?
Hey for a 5" senko, I'd reccomend getting a 3/0 Gamakatsu Extra Wide Gap Offset hook, and for the 4" you can use the same kind of hook but a 2/0. That's just my own personal preference.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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