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Sept. 9, 2006 report

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Aris and I did a spontaneous run to deep this morning. a bit chilly out there with winds 15-20 and temps in the lower 60's with the windchill. water temp 70-72*. we picked up 7 total. aris got two nice 17-18 inchers. i hooked up with 4 but nothing to brag about. overcast all morning. aris got all his bass on white spinnerbaits and all of mine came on 5" yum junebug dingers. haven't been out in awhile and it was nice to fish. aris will post pics.
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It looks like Deep continues to produce. I can't wait for the outing in 3 weeks.
Last week there was an 8lb bass caught at deep Augy and I seen the pic. It was a behemoth !
Jack was gonna send it to midwest outdoors.
It was released back into deep lake !
There`s a 10lb bass lurking in deep I CAN JUST FEEL IT ! lol.
It looks like you guys had a nice morning. Nice fish. Thanks for the report.
Great job guy's
Hair cut and all there .....was not sure it was you Aris..... :lol:

Nice fish guys
8) lol
nice fish guys!!

haha yeah Aris what happened to the hair!? lol

Ahhhh.... still haven't hooked into any big boys down here.
Ask his wife.......... :lol:
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