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Shabbona 8/28

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Sometimes, even FishinMatt gets skunked :p I headed out from 10-12 hoping to take advantage of the overcast skies. Of course as soon as I am out the rain and wind picked up and steadily got worse. I chose to fish a 1/2 ounce buzzbait, hoping for a couple good bites. It started well with a fish on the 3rd cast. It did not feel like much until she jumped and threw the bait about halfway to the boat. I worked down for another hour or so before finally finding a little calm pocket on the shoreline. I had 2 short hits in this area with one just about taking my rod out of my hands, but no hook up. Then for some reason the bail on my reel just snapped, which effectively ended my day, as the only other rod in the boat was my musky combo. I don't know how the heck it broke. Hopefully I can take it to a reel repair shop and have them order a new piece. By the time I got off the water I almost needed to call for goverment assistance because it felt like a hurricane out there :p
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Now I don't feel quite so bad, since even you get skunked. Although not as often as I do! :eek:
Your reel isn't a daiwa tournament series is it ?
pepe le pu visits all of us once in awhile. :cry:
Don`t worry u`ll probably kill em on ur next outing :D
Jim,whats wrong with Daiwa tournament series ? I have 1 and never had any problems.
Nope, it is a Shimano Symetre 2500FI. I called up Shimano today and they are shipping the part out for free. What great, unexpected customer service!!!

After the garage door repair dude comes and fixes my door (hopefully), I am off to scout a new pond and hopefully get that stink off!!!
The new pond produced 20 bass on buzzbaits in a couple hours. I am serious!!! All going from 12-18 inches. I missed about 10 or so too. Man, all I can say is try subdivision ponds. Some are stinkers, some are gold mines.
This particular one, yes. No signs were posted and the property lines ended before the shore. :p Unfortunately it was shown to me on a promise that I would keep it to myself. Sometime down the road I may be able to bring a guest though Augy :wink:
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