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Shabbona Magic 05/13

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Today I had my oldest daughters 8th grade confirmation, followed by the traditional party. I sat around all day getting fish pics sent to me by my pals, who were having great fishing days. It was a tad torturous, but I was content to spend a great day with family and friends.

After things wrapped up, it still felt kind of fishy out. I had been thinking about the day I had earlier in the week at Shabbona. A really good walleye numbers morning in a couple hours, under blue sky conditions. Tonight it was cloudy, with about 15mph winds. It seemed like the bite should be on, and to say the least it was.

I do quite a bit of walleye fishing. Outside of smallies, it is probably my favorite fish to target. I have had some memorable outings on Delavan, Geneva, Green Bay, and a few other places. From a pure action standpoint, tonight was probably the best action I have ever had. Literally a bite or fish every cast for 3 hours. Just crazy fast fishing. No monsters from the walleye front, but all 15-20 inch fish, with some bonus fish mixed in. I spot locked on 3 different areas and it really did not matter. All of them were loaded with active fish. Final totals on the clicker were 46 walleye, 6 hybrids, 1 musky, 1 crappie, and one gill. All once again on reaction baits. WTF is about all I can say as I spent the whole trip laughing to myself at how crazy it was. I'm sure this is a limited opportunity, and those fish will be sliding out deeper very soon, but kudos to the DNR for loading the lake with quality fish.

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Wow! What a great mixed bag.
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Awesome catch 👏
A little redemption for me as I was at Heidecke the previous evening and only got a small musky trolling. From zero to hero I guess. I really wanted to get out there again today, but after mothers day festivities were over, I was not into the 50 degree weather, rain, and winds. I bet they were still chewing though.
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Dang Matt that is a whackfest. Super jelly! 🤜🤛
Where's the bluegill?!? No pic, it didn't happen. LOL!

Awesome catch, thanks for the report. 👍
Got 2 more bluegill tonight on the jerkbait! Sorry though, no pics of them slabs.

With no wind tonight it was really slow out there to start. Mostly just picking off the occasional hybrid till the sun got low and the walleye had about a half hour solid window. Also got an incidental musky, largie, and crappie. Finished with around 20 fish in 4 hours, so still no complaints. Hooked a freight train that sawed through 20 lb fluro leader which would have been nice to at least see before parting with my discontinued jerkbait.

A musky 3 trips in a row is definetly a first for me.

On to IHSA State Championship next........

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You’re cleaning up out there.

Damn what a beat down! Good stuff! Shabbona is supposed to suck though :ROFLMAO:
Havent been on WCF for awhile. WOW. A Lake Ive never fished. Ive had similar walleye action like that in May on a river and lake. Something about early May a few weeks after spawn very aggressive.
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