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I have not used, but i played around with one at the show..."made out of airplane material dude!"

I will say it was a very cool looking silver, and very light.

but they only had very small selection...i.e. all the rods over 6 footers where gone. ( Maybe because they kick ass , and dudes bought them all up?) A guy, (trying to sell me stuff) did ask me what i thought of it, and i said to whippy...the blank does not feel nice at all?.... them he proceeded to bend the rod in half, just like the ugly stick ad. I again replied ahhhh too whippy.

And to my surprise the guy actually agreed with me....and he said if your serious, i suggest the Compres.

hope this help ya some. take it for what is was... he was really just trying to sell me stuff know what im saying?

but IMO they felt like crap...maybe good Ultralight panfish/ stocker trout rod??? But for Bass...Noway!

it a shame I really did like the color!

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