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Shore Fisshin D 4-15

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This afternoon, I found myself with about 1.5 hours of freedom, no kids, no work projects, so I hit a local pond from shore. Noticed that the water was still pretty dog gone cold, thanks to the lovely weather on Monday and Tuesday :lol:. Anyhow, started out small, throwing a panfish sized chatterbait, and used a jig like retreive, hopping off the bottom and letting it fall back down. Picked up this guy almost immediately

Got another fish just like that about 20 minutes later doing the same thing. Never felt either hit, they were just "there" when I went to jig it again (they hit on the fall). With the wind coming out of the northeast (blowing SW), I was fishing the SW bay of this pond, with the wind in my face. As I worked my way further north, I got nada!

So, I decided to stay along the south wind pounded shoreline, and switched up to a red craw rattle trap. Burning it across weeds, paralleling the first drop off the shoreline as best I could. Turned out to be the better idea:

This fish totally inhaled the trap. Luckily a friend of mine's wife was right there, and she ran to get me some pliers. I had to put her back in the water for a couple of minutes with the bait still lodged till the pliers arrived. Did not want to keep her out of the water that whole time. Once she came back with the pliers, I took the fish out of the water again, and then the bait just popped right out! Doh! :lol: So, she was nice enough to take the pic for me as well.

2 casts later, I hook into another one about this size, and got a little cocky as I got it up to the shoreline. 8) Rather than focus on getting the bass in, I decide to reach for the camera. Well the bass realized what was happening, decided she did not want to be plastered over the internet, so she decided to give me my lure back.. :oops: :oops:

All in all, a good time on the wat...uh, I mean shore! :wink:

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nice work out there! :D

That was a good read. Great Job out there! Some Nice Bass!
Looks like you saw a lot of action! :D Good work.
very nice still waiting on my first
Sweet. Glad the mini-chatter got you a couple :wink:
Nice feesh,just curious ,how was a friends wife just right there :shock:
Culprit said:
Nice feesh,just curious ,how was a friends wife just right there :shock:
'Tis a sordid tale of Lust, Adultery, Deception, and Mail Fraud... :p Ok, ok, I just happened to be fishing very near their home, and they were outside playing with their kids. :lol:
The first picture is one bass with a fat mouth. Nice catches!!!
Those are some nice early season bass!
light chatter baits can be hot this time o year, nice tactics.. they seem to have really paid of well. :D
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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