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Hi all,

New member and new to local fishing here in Lake County, IL.

Is there any reasonably good shoreline fishing to get my son started in an area in central (Grayslake) to northwestern Lake county or McHenry area? I would prefer to avoid most of the Chain due to the heavy boat traffic unless you know of a relatively quiet spot. We'll give IG a try in Libertyville. I've tried a couple of the Forest Preserve sites, but not much biting. Bass and walleye prefered over cat.

Thanks for the help!
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Welcome aboard Ken! :mrgreen:

I'm not very experienced in the Lake county areas but hopefully some of our members can chime in.
Hey Ken... welcome to the site!

Independence is a gem in Lake County so definately give it a try. The shore fishing there is great.

Another good spot is the McHenry Dam on the Fox River - Located off Rt 176.

Turner Lake, located in Chain O Lakes State Park has some decent fish and plenty of shore fishing.

Good luck! Let us know how you do.
Thanks everyone for the great responses! We'll be heading out to IG and Twin Lake for sure, and try out some more Forest Preserve areas as well. Weekends have been pretty booked, so we're still trying to get out. My son was watching the Mad Fin Shark Tourney on ESPN this morning and it's spiked his interest (not sure how many of those we're gonna catch :lol: ) but maybe a lunker will make him happy!
I'll let you know how we make out!
Sterling Lake at the Van Patten forest preserve isn't bad. The panfish seem pretty plentiful and caught one 14" smallmouth this morning. Think I'll give IG a try, haven't been there, any other known reasonable shoreline fishing locations in Lake or northern Cook?
cgc, welcome to wcf! thanks for the report. look forward to more of your posts.
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