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Silver Lake (Blackwell) report - 4/11-4/12 with pics

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So the girls headed out of town this weekend for a wedding shower. Sounds like an ideal excuse for fishing to me. My father-in-law and I spent two days on Silver Lake and had a little action. Here's how it went down...

Day 1: Saturday we went out with a friend who guides in Lake of the Woods, Ontario. My father-in-law and our friend were working with mainly soft plastics (grubs, worms, flukes) with limited success. The only fish produced on the soft plastics was a silver crappie in about 20 feet of water. Weird. We did see a LOT of people on shore fishing and we saw quite a few stringers loaded with trout. The fish weren't real active though. I was working through my arsenal throughout the day and ended up catching a modest bass on a Rapala DT Fat 3'. I had just tied her on and cast into a cove and BAM! Not a trophy but still fun. It was quite cold, very windy and the water was about 3' above normal and very stained. Not ideal conditions for sure. Here are two shots of my bass.

Day 2: Despite the non perfect conditions, we headed back for a second day of fun today. We started out in the cove where I caught the bass yesterday. In fact, I tied on the same DT Fat 3'. Three or four casts later, I had a fish on! It turned out to be a pretty small Northern but it was still a fighter and a lot of fun. This was actually my first Northern I've ever caught. I figure I'll start small and get the trophy next time :wink: . We thought it might be a great sign of things to come but it wasn't. No more bites. There were much fewer people out today both on shore and in boats. It was a little warmer though and less windy. Overall, lots of fun. This is a nice little lake. I'm sure we'll be back. Jason, can we get a board for Silver Lake?

Here's my Northern. :p

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Looks like fun :)
Good job out there!
good looking fish nice job :D
Nice fish, I wish I were fishing right now . . .
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