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Started at 7:00 am. Water level was highest I've ever seen for this time of year. All the rain we've had has the water stirred up quite a bit.
This time of year a lot of fish can be found on the west side of the lagoons.
There is some "weeds" which provide plenty of cover and oxygen and there is even some current to help cool the water.
I began throwing chug bugs and chatterbait trying to get a topwater bite but no takers. Switched to Senko's which proved to be the ticket.
I fished them with no sinker. Caught fish on black/watermelon and black/red. Almost all hits came on the fall. I managed to bring 7 fish to the boat by 10am.
These fish were all healthy looking and most were 13" to 15" Biggest one was 18". Below is a link to few pics. ... 19-081.jpg ... 19-082.jpg ... 19-083.jpg ... 19-085.jpg ... -19-08.jpg
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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