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My best friend & I hit Busse for an afternoon / evening paddle yesterday. Dead calm when we got there but an east wind picked up as the day went on.

My buddy caught 5 in the 1st hour - I was getting skunked. One of his was around 3 lbs. We paddled up Bass Alley, along the Higgins shore and then back over & between the 2 western islands. After his initial success things died off for him.

We paddled over to the mouth to CWB and south along the east shore. He split off to tour Cormorant Island while I paddled into Ramber's Governor Cove to eat dinner & appreciate the afternoon. Late in the day I tied on a white buzzbait. We went over to the little bay south of RGC. It was getting pretty late & I was just about to announce that I was heading in when my lure got hammered. After a decent fight I pulled in a nice, fat 2 pounder.

Got back to the launch with minutes to spare before sundown.
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