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My good friend from Louisianna wrote a post on another site titled "Snapper Cat" so this post is partDeux(two=)



From my understanding the catfish have been entering the spawn stage here on the river...of course I can't really verify that as I haven't witnessed it..but based on what I've read and been told from a few credible sources... coupled with the fact that they have been hard to keep off the line while we target smallies...I'd say it sounds about accurate.

My buddy Osprey caught this excellent flattie on a Jackall "Aragon" crankbait in firetiger.

Not sure what the signifigance is...other than elvated water levels perhaps...but I've been seeing a substantial increase in turtle activity lately as well.

Softshell..zoomed from a distance.

BIG snapper that tried to take a bite outta my toe as I stepped into the water.

Hard to tell from the pic but I'd estimate him at least a foot and a half wide...he refused to budge out of this spot despite my efforts to roust him. So I said to heck with it and just stood on him for a few casts...I mean...he was in MY fishing spot afterall=)
He could have cared less and continued to hold his ground throughout the encounter.

Ran into an "angler" fishing from a bridge clearly marked with the "NO FISHING FROM BRIDGE" sign.

After calling DNR to report it I waited and fished about 20 minutes in hopes an officer would show up....the closest station was about 3 minutes away.
When it became quite clear nobody was coming I took it upon myself to inform him he wasn't supposed to be fishing from the bridge...and he gave me a sarcastic "Sorry Meester" as he wrapped his line around his can and hurriedly scampered in the opposite direction down the bridge.

Found a new favorite tree..

...with several ripe Mulberry trees in the vicinity it'll be a nice spot to take a break.

My 7 yr old (FishWhistle) insisted this be included in the post.

I truly believe one of the intrinsic characteristics of a rainbow to be it's inherent ability to inspire "oh's and ah's" within those pure of heart and sincere in emotion.

Snakes just's an older pic that never made it's way into a post so I figured why not dump it in this one=)

More birdwatching..

Of course we can't forget the favored species...Smallies!

Tom Fisherman with a nice one from the S.C. stretch..

Tom's friend Mark is new to wading so we were sure to get him on some decent fish.

BrothaSteve made a rare appearance at the river and checked in this slightly larger than cigar sized eye=)

Smallies were caught on tubes...spinnerbaits...crankbaits and jigs fished for the most part close to shore.

After seeing so many catfish caught in recent weeks I decided it was time to bust out my KittyKilla magic spinnerbait and get in on some of the action as well.
Targeting an area of heavy current next to a concrete wall....

...produced my contribution to the SnapperCat thread=)

To everyone who managed to share time on the water with me this June... it was an absolute pleasure...and as always..



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Darth Wader said:
FishinMatt said:
Wondeful post Darth. I wonder what kind of snake that was :p 8)
I think maybe an East African Egyptian Cobra or maybe a Gaboon Viper :wink: :lol:
HaHa, I was think it was the once thought to be extinct Fox River Asp or possibly the legendary Suburban White Collar Sand Viper :wink: Its one of those two FOR SURE. I'll ask my snake guy :p

Its cool to see all those faces on the river. June was a great month fo sure.

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Awesome post Darth. It's crazy what you will catch a cat on sometimes: cranks and spinnerbaits :shock:. Your nature photos are awesome. I would shit myself if I stumbled upon a snake that size!

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It's all good Legend=) and Jim if you hear of anybody hiring you let me know 8)

Thanks for the replies everyone...I just wished we could have gotten into some bigger smallmouth for the one will have that deficiency remedied though :wink:
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