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I think I'll visit this fishing group more often.

Snap? I'm using crankbaits more often and never thought about this too much. I was using a swivel when all I needed was a good snap. I'll pick up some Duolock Snaps.

Swivel? If I use any of my Mepps lures, I'll need to have a swivel on.

Knot? As for me, I don't use the improved clinch anymore. I used it a long time but my "ties" on it were inconsistent. Some good, some bad. Tried tying the Palomar only to be frustrated a bit with it. Then I found the Crawford Figure Eight knot in the book Lunker's Love Nightcrawlers.

The editors of Fishing Facts wrote "Lunkers" and tested the improved clinch versus the Crawford figure eight knot using a Zebco DeLiar (knot tester?). In ten tests of knot strength using Trilene XL 12 pound monofilament, this is what happened (p. 80).

Trilene XL 12 pound monofilament actually has a break point of 14.5 pounds.

10 improved clinch knots broke at weights ranging from 6 to 10 pounds even though the line's break point was 14.5 pounds. Even for the fishing experts who wrote the book (one of them was Spence Petros), they couldn't even tie a consistent improved clinch knot.

10 Crawford figure eight knots broke consistently at 14 pounds. Remember, the line had a break point of 14.5 pounds.

So what knot would you rather use with 12 pound Trilene test line? A knot that breaks anywhere from 6-10 pounds or a knot that breaks at 14 pounds? The answer was clear to me.

Anyway, for me, the Crawford figure eight knot at is just easier to tie. Like all knots, you lick it a bit or dip it in water before tying it down.

Slow day. So what else do we do when it's a weekend and we can't fish? We talk a little snaps, swivels, and fishing knots.
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