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So tell me, please

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I get downtown frequently these days, and Lincoln Park every Sunday (Seminary Avenue Community Church if you're looking :D ). If I were looking to fish Lake Michigan, where would you all recommend going (very near those places), somewhere with a chance at parking. And, what am I looking to fish for there on a Sunday (or any) afternoon or morningish, or even evening (but not night!)? I prefer Bass to any other species I've heard talked about from the Lake, but am not opposed to others. Thanks guys!
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Have you tried Google Maps? You can find spots using their satellite imagery.

also, google earth is a free download that has even more features. both are awesome tools to find fishing spots.

Toothdoc mentioned having some luck with smallies at Diversey and JNapodano had some good suggestions on this thread ... .php?t=434
As Augy mentioned, I had some luck a month ago at Diversey with some Largemouths. Diversey isn't a great place for Smallies. If you want to target smallies, I would recommend Belmont Harbor.
You know what, maybe we should have a big pond after work smallie outing. I'm sick of getting kicked out of these preserve lakes when the sun sets.

Who's in??? I'm down anyday of the week.

I was thinking about trying the Evanston area for smallies along the rocks.
I've never tried the Evanston area. We would need to do it soon, because as the temps rise they will be going to deeper water.
Depending on the day I would love to get out on the lake. i'm in.
How's Sunday afternoon for everyone? Let's say around 5ish. Diversey, Belmont, Montrose harbor???

I say Diversey since toothdoc has had success there and knows a spot.
I'll be down at Diversy Harbor, wife willing, sometime in the early afternoon. But I can't be there later, at least not this week. Definately post where at what happens though!
I would love to guys, but I have a graduation party to go to on Sunday afternoon.
If you guys do go tomorrow, Diversey doesn't have a lot of smallmouths. Mostly large mouths. I would go to the east side of the harbor that is along LSD and cast parallel to the wall. If you want to target smallmouths, Belmont is a better option.
I think maybe next weekend or even during the weekday may be a better option. Too little notice. I'll probably fish the Glen in the afternoon tomorrow. Let's get better organized and we'll hook up.
Sounds good to me. Next weekend I'm off to Lake Erie with my son and several other fathers and sons for a Father's Day outing.
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