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Some new Reel Grips and other stuff.

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just picked up 2 more pairs of Reel grips.
One for my crankin rod (camo) and one for my Senko Rod (red white & blue).
Heres a pic;

I also picked up some Yellow tube baits. I saw Mark Zona useing on his show and had to have them. The company name is in the pic. They are the only ones I could find who make the color. I talked to the owner and he said he made the color just for mark several years ago when he was fishing tourneys rgularly.

Heres a pic;

Aslo I got some Basstrix Bait Fry 2.5 inch Threadfin Shad.

These things look just like real Minnows;

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If you are gonna order them online get them from here this is where I got them . They are 3.99 a pair plus shipping. I would call Mike first to make sure what he has instock. Careful though he will talk your ear off about fishing.

Oh yea don't let it fool ya when you call. It is a real Pharmacy you have to ask for the fishing dept.
No problem Doc. Let me know what ya decide to do.
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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