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has anyone else fished any of the southern cook forest preserve lakes? horsetail, papoose, maple lake? i just moved from up north to palos park and have been trying some of these gems. i caught 5 nice keepers on horsetail in less than an hour the first day i was there. all deadsticking a natural swimbait. have caught a few on papoose lake also. mostly on a 10 inch power worm. all in the 13-18 inch range. haven't tried maple lake yet, but chatted up some other fisherman, and they rave about it. up and down 104th ave (willow springs road) from 79th to 135th there must be 15 f.p. lakes and ponds. i can't wait to try them all. any hints or suggestions would be appreciated.
there seem to be far less of the "bucket brigade", taking anything that swims, out of these lakes like you see at axehead and busse. i've even been stopped by f.p. police every time and asked to show my license. kinda nice to know they give a crap.
if you are looking for some great fishing, without 50 idiots drowning nightcrawlers, next to you, give some of these lakes a try. i've caught more bass in 5 or 6 short trips down south than the rest of the season at busse. if anyone else has any stories to share, i'd love to hear them.
thanks. catch and release, always!!
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