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Spring Lake North

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A friend and I fished Spring Lake North Monday morning. When we arrived at the lake around 8AM we were greeted with ferocious winds and whitecaps. The intended quarry was musky, but we limped home with one small bass. We could not fish our intended areas because of the wind and the water was churned up like chocalate milk. Too top the day off, I left the vechicle lights on and we returned to find a dead battery. Fortunately the DNR had noticed we left the lights on earlier in the morning and came back to give us a jump start right after we noticed the dead battery. The highlight of the day was watching the DNR take a 40'' class musky out of a trap net. All in all, it was great to break out the muskie rod and cure the cabin fever.

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Whenever you can get out and fish on a monday morning is a good outing. Wish I could do the same. I need a vacation. It's been too long. Nice of the DNR dude to help you out.
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