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since im relativley new to shore fishing salmon i have a few questions.

1). Do salmons use cover, are they found in the middle of the lake/ harbor or do they like cover like docks.

2) Spoons, how to fish them, slowly fast, let them sink or what.

3) Spawn sacks do i slip bobber them how far down do i let them go?

4) Crank baits- do they work as well as spoons

5) Tackle- for salmon fishing i have been using a catfish carp rod 20ft tall with 20lb test to cast the spawn sacks out. For spoons i have been using a Quantum EX 500 Baitcaster (OLD MODEL) with 10lb test on a shimano medium rod thats 6ft tall. Is this gear fine. Do i need stronger tackle or rods.

6) When does the spring salmon run end. Can u still catch salmon in july from shore.

7) Is it true salmon are line shy. Should i use a swivel, steel leader, or just tie lures on????????????!!!!!!!!

If anyone could answer these it would be great

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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