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st. croix avid/prodigy spinning combo for sale.

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Just too many rods so some have to go. I have a st. croix avid 7' med. power rod (as70mf) and a cabelas (made by daiwa) prodigy 3500b reel. The reel is brand new never used. Comes with box and spare spool. The rod is in excellent shape. I only had it out a few times. I really like the proidgy reels, the are very durable and the drag is buttery smooth. I have a few others I use quite a bit. The rod is awesome, great feel, what can I say it's an avid. I was going to list them on craigslist but I thought I would try here first. 200.00. That rod alone lists at bass pro for 160.00-170.00.
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My buddy is in the market for a nice new setup, I think that would be perfect. I'll talk to him and get back to you.
very cool, it really is a great set up. I just don't need that many rods. thanks for looking.
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