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Storing away reel with wet line?

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What kind of harm, if any, can I do to my reel or line if I put away my reel with wet line on it (into the trunk of my car)? I've got pretty cheap line spooled up, but am still curious to know if there are any general tips you guys might have for how to take care of fishing tackle after each outing. Thanks.

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Hey Fan,

I generally try to wipe off my rig with a clean cloth to get rid of any excess moisture and dirt. Other than that, your line shouldn't really hold too much water. Cheap mono line and expensive mono line are both still plastic.

Also, it's a good idea to go through your tackle box and keep things clean and dry as well. The little desi packs that come with some clothing products, etc, make good moisture absorbers in a box. There are also these new cardboard things that do the same thing.
Thanks for the tips, Jason :)
Keep in mind that water is the "universal solvent" and over time it will eat away at the line even though its plastic. It won't break the whole line down for thousands of years but it will lower the strength of the line quick. If you use 50 lb. line, I'm sure you will be fine, I use 4 lb. and if I lose 25% of my strenght, I have a big problem. I wouldn't worry about storeing it wet but I would change my line more often, like four times a year. Once you hook into a nice fish and he snaps your line before your drag has a chance to work, you will wish you changed it the day before. Or atleast thats my thoughts on the subject.
i've been using 4# stren forever and leave my rods in the car all the time and the only time it broke was when i either get snagged or tie a bad knot, i usually change it once a year but have gone 2-3 without a change. I wait til it's on sale and stock up, once i walked into walmart and the 4# stren was on clearance for $1.00 a spool, man i grabbed all of em!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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