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Ok so toothdoc probably already knows this. . .but there is a big dental conference in town this weekend which is preventing me from fishing till sunday. Not that i am attending but i have a bunch of old dental school buds in town so no fishing till then.
That being said i am looking to see what the crew is planning on doin.. .
First off i am sick of pistakee and the bite on geneva is far too unpredictable. I am down for a all day affair, do a bit of grilling put back a couple of coronas (may shoot for 3 this time). Lookin for some suggestions.
Big BassLee, Rapman, Bossman, Legend, Chicagoenforcer chime in with any suggestions. Seeing as we are getting towards the end of ice i am looking to put a hurtin on the fish. Plus i have two weekends in March where i will be down in Florida (one for an Osceola turkey hunt the other for both deep sea and inshore fishing). So this is one of the last weekends i have for hard water fishin
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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