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Sunday June 22, 2008

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As I got to parking lot at about 4:30PM, a thunderstorm came through with plenty of rain. I stayed in the car and got set up. The rain cleared after 10 minutes.

Worked the east side with a senko and caught a short bass on my third cast. There were a lot of people around the lake today. I made my way south and to the west. Things were slow. As I was about to leave, I got another bass on a crankbait - about 12 inches.

Didn't see any fish being caught by others.

Left at 7:30PM to watch the game.
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Good job out there. :D
Thanks for the report. Good job waiting out the rain.
Was there Sunday from about 5:30pm to almost 9:00 pm.
All in all was a slow day. Got 3 LM off crawlers, nothing big though. And 1 bluegill, decent size.

Guy next to me hooked a bullfrog through the legs with a crankbait. The bullfrog was bigger than all the fish I saw though. So it was pretty cool.
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