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Anybody thinking about going to IG tomorrow or the chain,canit make up my mind where to go
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hows the ice? im planning on getting out tue and/or wed
I'm up for some open water fishing. :p
lol i hear ya i want to try my new rod and reel out
The ice on ig thursday was great 8in as you got to over 14[16 ft deep started to get some slush on top, You can sit on the piers and fish,as you went down the pier the water got deeper,20 feet at end of pier, Their is deep water in that area
ig sterling lake and banana is closed i just called the hotline and that what it s ays. :x
Let's see, we had almost 60 degrees today and close to 2 inches of rain. I wonder if the ice is still safe? :?
probably not to safe due to the rain going through the wholes and causing pressure cracks
Ice is never safe, but be safe... I thought I was going to fall through on a 3 wheeler on friday... well I broke though the ice a litle bit and then told Koolaids fatass to get the hell off, luckily we didn't go down! :oops:

I will be out tomorrow with the Family in search of the Hop Klops! :wink: YaYaYa!!!
were you the guys on marie at dark wnat u mean by hop klops crappie where at
Not us or me on Marie, I almost fell through on Lake Geneva, Marie is the worst lake to take a sled on or a 4 wheeler. Thats where the main channel runs...

Hop Klops.... YaYaYa!!! :lol:
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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