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Super Duper 4.15.06

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Limited out this morning again all off powerbait but this time, caught me a whopper 19" rainbow. Add to that another 17" and 3 between 10-12 inchers. Limited out by 7am. Got there just before 6. I think they are leaving the north lot open all night cause the south lot was closed until about 6:30 but the north lot was full of cars when I arrived.

Got home, took a nap and went out again in the afternoon with the Mrs. to get her limit and bingo, another 19", 18", 16" and two 12" trout. Wow, it really was super duper day.

Morning 19" caught on medium rod and afternoon 19" got on my ultralight. Boy were these fish awesome to reel in. Both peeled off line several times and took some finessing to bring in. The one off my ultralight was incredibly fun. I fought her several minutes to bring in. By the time I brought it close to shore I had a crowd around me. I guess the sound of drag screaming off the reel can really draw attention. I heard in quiet whispers, "what the hell is that guy using". It was probably because when I got there, my secret spot was taken and when it opened up I setup shop and banged out 4 fish in less than 30 minutes of getting to my spot. LOL. A few people even stuck around to watch me re-rig and see what I was using. Ain't no secret. Well it sorta is. I got a feeling tomorrow there will be a mass group of anglers fighting for the spot I was in. So I'll be there super early again to claim it.

There goes my 15 minutes of fame. lol. What a day fellas. What - a - day. :mrgreen: I'll post the pics as soon as I can get it off my girls camera phone.
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no trout for me i'm new at it. i have powerbait (orange, pink, and yellow) just wasn't working for me maybe i'm rigging it wrong. i just dont know how far to cast out or what i'm new to the lake. I did rig up a tube on a tube jig and got 4 largemouths 11-13 inches in length. One guy their landed a killer 19 inch largemouth female(pregnant). He kept it everyone felt he should have let it go it must had been 6 lbs. at least. When he gets home and guts that those eggs are going everywhere. If any suggestions for help or willing to give a lesson please help out.. :D
cubsfan, how are you rigging the powerbait? where were you fishing? sometimes it's dumb luck I happen to be in the right spot at the right time. I got skunked opening day and the day after so don't feel too bad. Many people go home skunked. Just ask Jason. :mrgreen:

here's the morning 19".

and the two whoppers from the afternoon. look how fat the one on top is.
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maybe u can show me a few tips i'm very new at trout fishing. I am also new to doing different kinds of rigs besides traditional worm/bobber and lures. Will u be there saturday morning again. :D
Do you guys think these trout are new to the lake or are they fish that are left over from previous years stocking?
They are most likely newly released. I don't think that the conditions are that ideal for the trout to survive a whole year.
Jason found out this springs stocking was a mix of small to large trout. I got another whopper this morning so I'm guessing they are not from last year. My first 7 or 8 trout were pretty small but I've been killing the large ones these past few days. I think it's because the small ones, like any young fish, hit on pretty much anything that looks like food and people hook into them early on, while the larger older ones are a bit more finicky about their meals.

These are farm raised trout so they don't really have that natural predatorial instinct to hunt down food. Not exactly what they were fed but most likely pellets of some sort. That's why powerbait works so well with these farm trout. Now that the larger ones haven't been given their food in several days they are hungry and more eager to take the almighty powerbait. It's natural for them to prefer food that isn't living and easy to catch.

But don't take my word for it, it's just a theory I conjured up this morning. Check out the pics of my catch this morning in the other thread. I caught some sort of mutant salmon and trout hybrid that freaked me out when I saw it pop up out of the water. Gave me the heebeejeebees.
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